Wheel & Chian Videos

These videos have been checked over by our Thumpstar mechanics

How To: Tighten Your Spokes

How To: Tighten Your Spokes.

How To: Adjust and Lube Your Chain

Jordan Troxell from Troy Lee Designs teaches us how to properly adjust and lube our chain.

How To: Change a Rear Tire

Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda mechanic Eric Gass shows us the proper way to change a rear tire for any machine…

How To True A Motorcycle Wheel

After re-lacing a wheel or replacing spokes or a rim on bike, your motorcycle wheel needs to be re-trued. This video demonstrates the proper way to true a motorcycle wheel using the Tusk Truing Stand. This process can be used to true just about any off-road or street bike wheel.


Rear wheel information, steel vs alloy rims

Tire Tyre Dirt Motard Information

Some tyre and tube information.

Chain information, 420 vs 428 chain

Chain information, 420 vs 428 chain

Wheel Axel Information Video

12mm, 15mm and motard axel information.

Chain Guide, Chain Adjusters and Swingarm Protection

Chain guide and slider information.